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Lab news, January 2024: SICB, vulture bees, and spring semester kickoff

January was an exciting month in the lab!

Congrats to Gigi Melone, August Easton-Calabria, and Acacia Tang who all gave fantastic talks at the 2024 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference in Seattle!

James traveled to Costa Rica for some pilot research (with collaborators Dr. Laure Figueroa and Dr. Quinn McFrederick) on the ecology and behavior of vulture bees at La Selva.

photo credit: Paul Wright, @birdzandbees

Olivia and James presented plans for an upcoming project on the effects of organic management on climate-resilience in the Organic Valley Research Roundtable. And welcome to Emma Salzwedel (a new undergraduate researcher in the lab), and welcome back to undergraduates Noah Schrodt and Jamie Resis!

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